Meet Some of Our Latest Clients

Tom McAninch had a one-page web site for his company Nashville Piano Service, and that was all he needed, but he wanted it redesigned. He also wanted a mobile version to display on smart phones. We completed both projects 18 days ahead of schedule. Here's Tom's Comment: "I could not be happier with the total transformation of my website. The difference is amazing, and Yvonne is a joy to work with!" Click here to see the before and after.



Dr. Terry Smith needed a web site for his new, non-profit corporation called Coaching: Life Matters. Here's Terry's comment: “Thank you, Yvonne, for the excellence of this entire project. We've been blessed with your gracious and patient presence in this effort. The web is beautifully done, creatively written, clear in content, precise in the details, and easy to access. I deeply appreciate your faithfulness to complete this just as you said.” Click here to see website.

I have had several businesses over a 40-year period and have had many websites. Mojo Media Team designed the best and most useful website I have ever had. Even though it has a tremendous number of pages, it is so easy to navigate.